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Health Care/Non-Profit Example

A regional non-for-profit agency with offices in multiple locations wanted to consolidate into one site to encourage communication and teamwork between management and staff, as well as groups serving varying community segments.

The agency's management had determined that a vacant mustard factory being renovated to office space was central to its client base.  We were engaged to provide planning and project management services for this relocation effort.  To accommodate planned agency growth, the new location was 10,000sf larger than the sum of their existing sites.

We analyzed conditions in each of their 5 existing locations, inventoried and categorized existing furniture, fixtures and equipment and interviewed management and staff relative to their needs.

We developed space and adjacency plans of the new space to meet the operational and teaming requirements identified.  We applied the existing usable furnishings inventory to the plan, noting gaps requiring new furniture and budgeting the cost of replacement and supplemental furniture.  Voice/data locations were part of our plans and were used for quote development and installation management.

With the required furniture inventory listing, we evaluated and solicited donations from regional corporations also undergoing change....items no longer needed by these corporations were repurposed to the nonprofit's new offices. 

Through this process we were also able to replace furnishings that had long outlived their usefulness but would have been utilized if the 'new furnishings' budget was too high.

We saved the nonprofit over $30,000  from the original estimate of what would have been required to furnish the new site AND were able to provide a storeroom of matching office seating, guest chairs and miscellaneous goods from which they could pull inventory should current furniture in use become damaged or worn.

We planned and managed the relocation and consolidation of furnishings, equipment and staff materials from the 5 existing sites, which was accomplished over one weeked.    Upon entering their new offices, staff and management settled right in, able to work immediately upon arrival.

Subsequent to the relocation, we assisted with decommissioning of the vacated locations and return of the spaces to their landlords.

SUCCESS!  This non-profit was housed in their new location for the 5 years of their lease term and never once had additional furniture expenditures or required reconfiguration their office space as our plan had comprehensively covered  programs and staffing expected over that term.


Gain an EDGE: Realize your vision.LeadershipCapabilities, Services & SolutionsClientsAchievementsTestimonialsContact