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For Corporations & CRE Departments


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   No matter what type of business you run, keeping the bottom line in the black is important to your enterprise's success. 


We all recognize that real estate costs per square foot affect the bottom line.    A rational and comprehensive profile of a business expressed through an efficient and functional office layout improves workflow and contains costs per square foot, a best-practice that EDGE Facility Solutions excels in achieving for clients.


EDGE is expert in planning for efficiency.  Using both strategic and tactical planning, we develop a program that properly localizes  physical assets and human resources to maximize efficiency both during transitions and in their final 'home'.

EDGE’s designs consciously address the many variables found in the office environment and provide consistent results.  Their tone, style and detail combine and interact to help create an image or identity that is unique to each individual client. 

Simultaneously, EDGE’s process-oriented services build in cost effectiveness by controlling initial completion costs and minimizing on-going maintenance costs.

EDGE's services can be provided as a support team to  Corporate Real Estate Departments or directly to the client's management if the company does not have CRE executives and staff.

EDGE works in concert with contracted licensed architects, engineers and regional construction managers and other team members as needed to deliver the highest quality project possible to your business.  We will work with your current vendors or source new vendors for furnishings, materials and services, depending upon your business requirements and goals.



EDGE brings your vision to reality.


From the earliest planning stages through design, construction, occupancy and evaluation, EDGE can coordinate all elements of a project to be certain it is completed on schedule and within budget, all for an exceptionally reasonable fee.


Gain an EDGE: Realize your vision.LeadershipCapabilities, Services & SolutionsClientsAchievementsTestimonialsContact